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Jyoti Prasad Das
Music Producer Singer Guitarist Composer Mixer - Master

Jyoti Prasad Das, Originally from music heavy North-east India, has played with countless reputed North-Eastern Rock bands like Just, Rubella and Crystal Ann.

Now based in Mumbai, this axeman plays with the JAI-HO fame Sukhwinder Singh and local band "The Mumbai Mariachis" and also shares his talent and excellence with many other Bollywood Music Personalities like Md. Irfan etc. His influences range from bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple to Judas Priest, Damn Yankees, Boston, Whitesnake and G N R.

Trivia factor: Mild mannered and soft spoken Jyoti is a favorite amongst his friends and teammates and is an excellent web-designer/hackintosh expert when not wielding the axe.

He is now assisting many reputed music directors with his composing, arranging and programming skills and giving music for a cartoon show in Hungama TV/Wow Kidz called "Eena Meena Deeka". Also composing music for Infomercials for a company called Datar Genetics Ltd. Worked as a Music Director for the movie TONY by Rustom fame Vipul K. Rawal. Recently completed another movie project starring Vikram Gokhale and Revati. Now working on a bollywood horror movie project.

He uses his extensive musical and technical experience to oversee all aspects of a recording session, including assisting with programming, arranging, mixing, mastering and recording. He likes to bring out the best in recording artists through his knowledge of vocal and instrumental arrangements.
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30+ Years



₹ 30,000  ONWARDS

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