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Sameer Charegaonkar
Sound Engineer Mixer - Master

Sameer was born and raised in Ujjain, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, India. As his mother is a trained classical singer she has been a great influence and inspiration for his love for music. His journey of pursuing music begins as a kid, as he actively participated in music and drama from his schooling days. Sameer started his journey of music in 2000, only knowing that he loved creating processes of music production and that he needed to further expand his skill sets, knowledge, and relations in order to accomplish the vision he had.

Sameer is expertise in sound engineering includes areas such as Recording, Music Production, Mixing, Mastering tracks, and managing sound experience during live performances. With a solid commitment to achieving sound excellence, he excels at utilizing various technical equipment and software programs Protools, Nuendo, Logic, along with his keen musical ear ’to ensure optimal sound quality.

He joined and learned Sound engineering at Spectral Harmony Studio as an assistant sound engineer to Mr Eric Pilllai. In 2009 Sameer started working independently for Bollywood and Punjabi Film Industry. In 2012, Sameer set up his own mixing and mastering studio in Andheri, Mumbai. Working for the past 11 years as a recording, mixing, mastering engineer in both studio and live venues, working with hundreds of musicians and producers across diverse musical genres and earning consistent praise for sound quality excellence.

Sameer has had the privilege to work with the top Bollywood and Punjabi music directors and singers during an 11 years journey in this field. He has Mix and Mastered more than 3500 songs in his career so far.

This is truly Sameer’s pursuit of happiness. And if there’s anything that I’d like to take from this, is that“ dreams are possible if you set your mind, heart, body, and soul to them”

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₹ 30,000  ONWARDS

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