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Farid hussain
Music Producer Singer Programmer Arranger Composer

Began his musical journey at a very young age at home. According to him he was a decent student, but cared more abt music and so he decided to train himself professionally was taught Indian classical music by the well-known flutist of assam Sir Dipak Sharma. He idolize musicians like A.R Rahman, Jayanta Hazarika, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, Zubeen Garg, Lucky Ali and Hari Haran. He became a music producer and began composing music and singing solo and duet pieces with renowned Assamese singers such as Tarali Sharma, Zubin Garg, Montu Moni Saikia, Tarun Tanmay, Ritrisha , Mark Elvin etc.. He is a recipient of several accolades in singing competitions and was also a judge for few music shows. He has recorded several songs in Hindi and Assamese languages. He is well known for his charming personality and simple living. Farid Hussain (born 15 sep 1982) is an Indian singer, music composer & music director. He is born and raised in Guwahati, Assam. He completed his academics from Guwahati. He le lifestyle.
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20+ Years



₹ 10,000  ONWARDS

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